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… el ritual exige que se coman con las manos, completándolo con su correspondiente chuperreteo de dedos. (Gastrobloggera Cristina Martínez, in Garbancita). No hay mayor ofensa a la ortodoxia sardinista que diseccionarlas con cubiertos. Bueno, sí, asarlas sin tripa. (El Pais Semanal, 07/08/2011).  (Foto: Portugal – abril, 2010)

…. the ritual calls for eating them with your hands, complete with the corresponding finger licking gesture. (Gastroblogger Cristina Martínez, in Garbancita). There is no greater insult to sardines orthodoxy than using cutlery.  Well, yes, grilling them without guts. (El Pais Semanal, 07/08/2011). (Photo: Portugal, April 2010)


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  2. Susan

    You have some really nice photos on your blog. Glad to find you. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Much appreciated.

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