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Ilma (Water),  premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1999, by my former theatre group Teatru Marta Kwitt .  Round up of week one of the 2011 Edinburgh Theatre Festival here. (Photo: One of those old pictures developed in the dark room – the beauty of analogue photography – Malta 1999).

Ilma (Agua), se estrenó en el Festival Fringe de Edimburgo en 1999, por mi antiguo grupo de teatro Teatru Marta Kwitt. Resumen de una semana del Festival de Edimburgo 2011 Teatro aquí. (Foto: Una de las viejos fotos reveladas en el cuarto oscuro – la belleza de la fotografía analógica – Malta de 1999).


2 responses to “Ilma

  1. andybeel

    Well caught just enough movement to be recognisable – thanks

  2. rcachia ⋅

    thanks to you andybeel for passing by, leaving your thoughts and sharing with us a great blog

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