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Mercado Ballaro

My first shot in the Ballarò market is one of my favourites.  The captivating look of this little boy is a reminder of both the origin of the Ballarò market and what it has become today: a gastronomical intercultural fusion (Photo: Palermo, Italy 2011).

Mi primer foto en el mercado Ballarò es uno de mis favoritos. La mirada fascinante de este niño es un recordatorio tanto del origen del mercado Ballarò y lo que se ha convertido hoy en día: una fusión gastronómica intercultural (Foto: Palermo, Italia 2011).


2 responses to “Mercado Ballaro

  1. abu zar

    captivating portrait. child appears inquisitive, a bit cautious as well as playful all at the same time !

  2. mina ⋅

    Indeed! Thanks for your comment …. I also was not sure whether to crop this photo or not, so as to leave the boy’s face only ..

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