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Calming Sea

The calming effect of the sea remains a mystery. There is hardly any research on the link between the ocean and the brainBluemind has been set up to better understand this connection and how such connection can help us engage in the challenging task of restoring the damage we have done to our oceans (Photo: Armona, 2011).

El efecto tranquilizante del mar sigue siendo un misterio. Casi no hay investigación sobre la relación entre el océano y el cerebro. Bluemind se ha creado para entender mejor esta relación y cómo esa relación puede ayudarnos a realizar la difícil tarea de restaurar el daño que hemos hecho a nuestros océanos (Foto: Armona, 2011).


4 responses to “Calming Sea

  1. abu zar

    I would actually generalize this to say that there is a strange but definite connection between Man and Water bodies (oceans, seas, lakes, rivers) have a very unique correlation. There is something triggered in our brains when we see water for sure !

  2. mina ⋅

    yeahh .. i totally agree …. I have lived all my childhood on an island !!!

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