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Toy gun

Inspired by Mimo´s blog and her post on children and toy guns, I thought of this picture.  As she says, children carry the guns which so much attitude they eminate war.  I must admit, I was also a bit disturbed seeing these children playing with a toy gun (Photo: Palermo, Italy, 2011).

Inspirada en el blog de Mimo y supost sobre niños y pistolas de juguete, me acordé de esta imagen. Como ella dice, los niños llevan las armas con tal actitud que emanan guerra. Debo admitir que yo también estaba un poco perturbada al ver a estos niños jugando con armas de juguete (Foto: Palermo, Italia, 2011).


2 responses to “Toy gun

  1. fantastic photo, I love how the blue and yellow are mirrored with the bike and car! Thank you for the tag 🙂

  2. mina ⋅

    what an amazing observation .. had not thought of that !!!

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