Iphone Wonderland

Anita playing with her mum’s iphone.  I keep getting surprised at how my friends children love the iphone wonderland. Can we blame them? Don’t we love it too! (Photo, Ceuta 2011).

Anita jugando con el iPhone de su madre. Sigo sorprendiendome de como a los hijos de mis amigos les encanta el mundo maravilloso del iPhone. ¿Podemos culparlos? ¿No nos encanta tambien a nosotros! (Foto, Ceuta 2011).


Territorios Sevilla

While waiting for the Asian Dub Foundation at the Territorios Sevilla 2011, I saw this image.  It does not rain so often in Seville, but when it does, it adds magic to the city. I had not brought my camera to the concert, so Juanlu’s iphone had to do.  The photo is far from sharp, but the texture captures that unique moment in the Monasterio de la Cartuja (Seville). May, 2011